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MapOptis Optimization Engine
MapOptis Image Analytics Engine
Medical Images Rapid Access Communication Storage System
  • Unique optimization algorithm for Images / Videos
  • Reduce file size by as much as 90%
  • Retain original format, metadata, quality & resolution
  • Reduced processing overhead
  • Scalable enterprise solution
  • Improve storage & network bandwidth utilization

  • Content Based Information Retrieval (CBIR)
  • Automated data capture from images / forms
  • Automated analysis of captured data
  • Artificial Intelligence to improve accuracy of data capture
  • High throughput, real time process automation
  • Scalable enterprise solution
  • Delivers sharp images with smallest file footprint.
  • Life saving for Tele-Radiology to produce reports quickly.
  • Replacement for expensive PACS servers & Tele-Radiology software.
  • Cost effective solution for image archival/retrieval.
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